20 Haziran 2011 Pazartesi

Gold Coin And Silver Coin

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Gold And Silver

By Luke Burgess
We like gold. But we love silver.
Gold is historically the most sought-after precious metal.
But there's a reason why men like George Soros, Warren Buffett, and Bill Gates are heavily invested in its less glamorous cousin, silver.
Silver is a contrarian play, and it's been blowing gold out of the water. We expect that trend to continue for a number of reasons, including historic ratios and long-term trends we follow.
One signal, described in-depth in our free report, points to far higher prices. $100 certainly isn't out of the question, and we'll show you why.
Silver today is more than just a way to preserve wealth. It's an investment with solid fundamentals.
In this free investor's report, Why Silver will Always Beat Gold, I'm going to tell you exactly why we've been bullish on silver since the single-digits. Also how high we think it will go and you should be rushing to get your own silver bullion.
To receive your free copy, simply tell us where to send it in the form below. Then click "Send My Free Report", and we'll deliver it to your inbox immediately. I hope you find it helpful.
Luke Burgess, Wealth Wire