31 Mart 2011 Perşembe

Soo Expensive Jewelry

  1. Step 1
  2. Cut of your magazines all the ``attractive jewels´´

  3. 2
    Step 2
    Arrange them as you like in the cardboard,be as extravagant as you want
  4. 3
    Step 3
    Paste your design to the cardboard and cut it
  5. 4
    Step 4
    Cover with adhesive tape
  6. 5
    Step 5
    Put paper or cloth on the back (optional)
  7. 6
    Step 6
    Make a hole in the tip with a pin
  8. 7
    Step 7
    Insert jump ring and put an earring hook,done!
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ShazziieeMarch 25, 2011

When i first looked i thought that it looked real!
Jet H.

Jet H.March 25, 2011

LOL i had almost made the same tute.LOL
still love this jewelry, ten year ago a classmade of mine made them to sell.
soo funny, thank you for sharing this again;-D
jane e.

jane e.March 21, 2011

wicked cool! i had to check out your list of materials to realize i was looking at cutouts :)

ElmoGevalMarch 21, 2011

omg, they look so real :O at first I just thought they where 3D and stuff :) nice job