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Bulgaria's Thracian Heritage           


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In 1972, during excavations at the Chalcolithic necropolis of a settlement dating to the end of the fifth millennium BC near the present-day city of Varna on the Black Sea coast, archaeologists revealed traces of a civilization equal to that of Egypt and Mesopotamia. During the digs many tombs were found with over 300 objects made of pure gold - scepters, axes, bracelets, other decorative pieces, bull-shaped plates. Most amazing is the sepulcher of a ruler/high priest with a gold scepter and a set of gold regalia, symbols of power and authority.
So, the Varna necropolis was found to contain remarkably rich burials. Over 1.5 kg of gold in the form of fine appliqués, bracelets, and beads were uncovered  in just one grave. Some of the findings are of strikingly exquisite making. The massive gold concave bracelets would challenge even the skilful modern jewellers.

The Varna Necropolis Treasure