28 Mart 2011 Pazartesi

treasure map

treasure-map.jpg If you thought only little children were inspired by the famous Nicholas Cage movie- National Treasure, think again. Nathan Smith, a 39-year-old musician from Los Angeles, testifies that he used Google maps to find buried treasure in South Texas. He even monitored the treasures location with updated satellite images to ensure that no one was poking around to gain legal rights to his finding. According to Smith a 19th century boat, which has a supposed cargo of gold and silver is located off the Texas Gulf coast. The ship supposedly sank only to later be found by the Comanche Indians who buried some of it. Smith claims the location appears to look something like a shoe print and that you can see an actual "X" where he thinks part of the ship's capstan is. And now he wants to gain legal rights and is even looking for investors to dig up this place. This is definitely one bizarre piece of news.