28 Nisan 2011 Perşembe

2 Cent Coin Value

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2 Cent Coin Value

Today's 2 cent coin value for the most common dates starts at $11.
Uncirculated 2 Cent Coin
The most frequently found date is the 1864. The first year of mintage and almost 20 million 2 cent coins produced. It must however be examined closely, as it comes in two varieties, Large and Small Motto.
Should your coin be the uncommon Small Motto variety it is now worth $67 or more depending on condition.
And condition, it plays a large role in coin values. The example we are using, the 1864 Small Motto variety, in a higher "extremely fine" condition climbs to over $600.
Also, the nice uncirculated 2 cent coin to the right is highly desirable and sought by collectors, worth $80 to $100. See below about condition and how to "grade" your 2 cent coins.

2 Cent Coin Value and What Dealers Pay

A short series with a few rarities. Not as popular as other co