28 Nisan 2011 Perşembe

Liberty Five Dollar Gold Coin Value

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Liberty Five Dollar Gold Coin Value

Your Liberty five dollar gold coin value is at least $385. With almost a quarter of an ounce of gold in your coin. It forms a very high base price.
Liberty Five Dollar Gold Coin
It's just the beginning because the value of gold is only one of a few factors affecting the worth of your coin.
The first is the date and mintmark. There are many scarce and rare dates scattered throughout this popular gold coin series. The value chart pinpoints these rare dates separating them from the common.
So what is the most difficult value factor to get right?
An accurate assessment of the condition of your coin, know as "Grading." It affects your Liberty five dollar gold coin value in subtle but major ways.
For example, the Liberty $5 gold coin pictured is rare because of its "Uncirculated" condition. This coin is easily worth over $451. How to grade gold coins is covered in more detail below.

Liberty Five Dollar Gold Coin Value - What Dealers Pay

It is clear from the value chart, depending on the date, mintmark, and how well your coin is preserved the value can fluctuate from a few hundred dollars up into the thousands.