28 Nisan 2011 Perşembe

The High Value of an Indian Penny

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The High Value of an Indian Penny

The value of an Indian Penny ranges from 75 cents to $1.50 for common dates in worn condition.
Uncirculated Indian Penny
However... here are three ways to find a higher value.
First, if your coin was minted in the early years 1859 through 1878 most are worth $7 to $12 or more.
Second, Indian pennies have a few dates that are very valuable. For example, every Indian Head Penny collector needs an 1877 to complete their set and the price begins at $660.
Third, the condition of your coin is very important in determining value. Indian Pennies should be examined closely and a "Grade" assigned. Necessary to discover an accurate value. See below for more help on grading your coins.
The Uncirculated Indian Penny pictured is an example of a coin, because of its condition, is worth well over $25.

The Value of an Indian Penny and What Dealers Pay

The following charts show there is a wide range of coin values of the Indian Head Penny. If you determine any of your coins are valued in the hundreds of dollars, absolutely have them graded by either NGC or the PCGS grading service.