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Flying Eagle Penny Values

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Flying Eagle Penny Values

Flying Eagle penny values are $16 minimum and are often driven higher by their popularity with a large collector demand.
Uncirculated Flying Eagle Penny
Three dates are involved, and each is valued separately. The 1856 flying eagle is far and away the rarest of this short series, few were minted and fewer still exist today.
Following this rarity is the 1857 penny often found with heavy wear. And the final date-any 1858 penny is collectible, but valued as all old coins are, depending on the amount of wear.
Wear affects the condition of your coin and is rated with a "grade" by comparing it the images below. As an example to the right is an "uncirculated" flying eagle penny, still in brand new condition, rarely found this nice and accordingly at the high end of the value chart.
1856 through 1858 cents stand out as sought after collector coins because of the bold flying eagle design. A big departure from the usual Liberty portraits found on other series at the time. Additionally it was a significant reduction in size from the large cents of prior years. Your old penny pioneered the small cent coins used today, following is a listing of how much they are worth.

Flying Eagle Penny Values | What Dealers Pay

Coin values are determined by date and a careful judgment of condition. Few survive with sharp detail remaining. The value chart highlights the difference in a desirable well preserved example. Also a section below on "grading" the condition of your coins finds the accurate value on the chart.