28 Nisan 2011 Perşembe

Half Cent Values

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Half Cent Values

Half cent values start at thirty-three dollars each for a well worn coin. Not a bad minimum value for an old coin.
US Half Cent Values | Minted 1793-1857
Find a "better date" in you box, for example an 1802, 1811 or 1831 and your half cent values increase dramatically.
Additionally, if the condition of your coin is better than heavily worn, you possess a rarity many collectors find highly desirable. Auction prices often reach thousands of dollars for the right coin.
You can estimate values fairly accurately by first determining your half cent condition and then checking the date and value on the charts below.

Half Cent Values and What Dealers Pay

Remember, with old coins, condition is very important as you determine value. Below the value table are images of Half cents in various stages of wear, compare your coins, determine their condition to arrive at an accurate Half Cent value.