28 Nisan 2011 Perşembe

Lincoln Penny Value is Amazing for the Right Coin

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Lincoln Penny Value is Amazing for the Right Coin

Today's Lincoln penny value for common date "wheat" cents dated 1909-1958 start at $1.75 for a roll of 50 coins.
Uncirculated Lincoln Penny
First minted in 1909, itself a desirable coin, the series also includes many other rare and valuable dates. For example, find a 1933-D and its minimum value is $1.85. If you have a 1931-S you are holding a coin worth at least $48.
Additionally, the better the state of preservation of your coins, the more appealing to collectors they become and the more they are willing to pay.
Pictured is a beautiful 1958 Uncirculated Lincoln Penny all collectors would enjoy adding to their collection. Gather and sort your Lincoln pennies and discover their values.

Lincoln Penny Value-What Dealers Pay

The following Lincoln penny value chart shows clearly dealers and collectors pay a premium for better grade coins. If your Wheat Cent is close to a higher grade and the much higher value, absolutely have it graded by either NGC or the PCGS grading service. More information about these services below.