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Indian Five Dollar Gold Coin Value

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Indian Five Dollar Gold Coin Value

Every Indian Five Dollar gold coin value starts at $394 each. Your coin is heavy with gold, close to a quarter of an ounce.
Indian Five Dollar Gold Coin
However, looking at the chart below, there are two reasons to examine your coins closely.
First, rare dates caused by low production. For example, the branch mint in New Orleans produced just over 34,000 coins in 1909 and few have survived until today. It is the classic situation for the making of a rare and valuable coin. Find one of these, consign it to a major rare coin auction and receive over $1800 for your coin.
The second and a little harder to detect is the "Condition" of your coin. How much wear does it show or does it appear as if freshly minted?
The Indian five dollar gold coin pictured is an "Uncirculated" example, and is worth $493 or more because of its condition. Further down the page is a section on grading gold coins. But lets start with...

Indian Five Dollar Gold Coin Value and What Dealers Pay

The Indian five dollar gold coin value chart lists all the dates and mints and gives values in four different "Conditions".