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Antique Stamps


Market for / exporters / manufacturers / sellers / suppliers / collectors / wholesale / antique / vintage stamps of India / US / world
Just put, antique or vintage stamp is some postage that is not in present usage and distribution. In accordance with other antique experts, a stamp further than 100 years elderly can meet the criteria as an antique collectible. It as well depends on the postal service history of a particular area or country. The worth of these stamps is determined by the era, parameters for instance misprints, national or international stamp, do not have an effect on the value.

The antique stamps are not simply a cherished collectible, but also offer a significant insight into the historical milieu of the era they belong to. Buyers can get to recognize the engraving and printing technique, tourist pattern, marketing trends by the study of stamps.

Types of antique Stamps
Postal stamps - Stamps commemorate an occasion e.g. Olympics, Independence Day etc.
Decorative stamps - extraordinary holiday stamps or with some elaborate work.

Market for Antique Stamps There is a rising curiosity in the midst of buyers for collecting national and international stamps. The stamps are usually bought as an adding up to personal stamp collection. The market for vintage stamps is moreover on the rise for the reason that of the fact that they not merely captivate the buyers but are in addition easy to find. Buyers can get authentic stamps from antique dealers in a range of countries; prominent antique dealers post their collection on the official websites to tie up the purchase procedure and as well for the easiness of customers.