11 Nisan 2011 Pazartesi


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Bhutan 2008 Corination 100 Ngultrum coinThe tiny Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan issued this 100 Ngultrum coin in 2008 to commemorate the coronation of their new, young, king, Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck.  The king, educated in the United States and Europe, is determined to transform Bhutan into a modern democracy.  He is attempting to bring modern technology to his remote kingdom.  His focus is on improving the countries “Gross National Happiness” rather than just economic development.   The obverse of the 38.7mm copper-nickel crown pictures the king and a latent image that features the number 100 in Bhutanese, to signify the 100th anniversary of the modern Bhutanese monarchy.  The reverse features the national emblem which includes a pair of intersecting Varjas, symbolizing the harmony between the religious and secular domains, a lotus representing purity, jewels which stand for sovereign power and two dragons. The coin comes in a colorful, descriptive, protective folder.  In honor of the coronation, a coin was given to each citizen of the country. Relatively few of these attractive coins have been distributed outside of the country.