11 Nisan 2011 Pazartesi


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Indian States coin collection
Though the British controlled most of India prior to its independence in 1947, many of the Indian states retained their right to issue coins.  Most coins could only be used within the state they were issued and there was little standardization of the coins or denominations issued from state to state. The result was a bewildering array of coins, many of which have limited mintages.   We have assembled a collection of coins from nine different states. These collections have proved very popular. Because of the difficulty in obtining coins of the Indian States, we sometimes have to vary the exact coins included in the set.  The latest group of sets we made up included are a square Paisa from Bahawalpur,  1/4 Anna of Gwalior that pictures the Maharajah, a 1/4 Anna from Indore that pictures a bull, a paisa from Jodhpur struck during World War II, a coin from Kutch that was issued with a center hole,  an eight-sided 1 Anna from Mewar, a Dokdo from Nawanagar that was struck from about 1570 to 1894 with virtually no change in the design, a 1 Pice coin from Tonk and a tiny 19th century Travencore 1 Cash that pictures a six-pointed star in a circle.  It is a fascinating collection from a fascinating and ancient country.  The coins generally grade Fine to Very Fine.   An identification guide is included with each set.   The exact coins included in the set may vary, depending upon what we have in stock at the time your order is received.