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Gold Coin Values


Gold coin values for the major types are listed below. The prices are wholesale values and listed in three different "Condition" categories.
Uncirculated Gold Coins
The beauty of Uncirculated gold coins depict why every coin collector desires at least one. All are scarce, most dates are rare and over the years gold coin values trend upwards.
Handle your coins carefully, all have the potential to far exceed the minimum.
Finding the Rare Gold Coins
Collectors and dealers use the following traits to separate the common from the rare.
  • A check of the date.
  • A close inspection for the presence of a mintmark.
  • A slow deliberate evaluation of the condition.
  • And finally they use a reference to identify any rare, little know variety.
All of these variables: date, mintmark, condition and variety are considered carefully to arrive at your true gold coin values. All are covered below.
Classic Liberty $2.5 Gold
All US gold coins are scarce and this series is no exception. Small mintages, and widely circulated, resulting in few surviving until today. Almost a quarter ounce of gold also underlines the high minimum value.

Indian $2.5 Dollar Gold Piece
The $2.5 Indian is the smaller version of the five dollar gold Indian. Featuring the Incuse design and minted for a short period, it is eagerly collected. Examine your coins closely, condition is the key to finding higher value.
Liberty Five Dollar Gold
Always in demand with stable values. Liberty gold coins span decades with many scarce and rare dates. Discover your Liberty five dollar gold coin value.

Indian Five Dollar GoldWith a unique Incuse design collectors either appreciate them greatly or consider them unattractive. However their values in uncirculated condition indicate a huge demand. A short series with a few rarities, a loyal following and high minimum values. Check the values of your coins on the chart.
Liberty Ten Dollar Gold
Many rare dates and mints to discover. Liberty tens are a rare and historic coin. Few exist in well preserved condition. Study the details of your coins carefully to find their true value.

Indian Ten Dollar Gold
A very "modern" design attracts many collectors. They seek better condition coins. Almost a half ounce of gold keeps the minimum value in the hundreds of dollars. However, the high condition coins command the largest premiums.
Liberty $20 Gold
Huge in size, classic in style and high minimum values. Every collector would like to own a US twenty dollar gold piece. The series abounds with rare dates and mints. Compare your coins to the grading images to find the highest value on the chart.
Twenty Dollar St. Gaudens
A true American coin. Large and majestic, very popular with collectors. Always in demand, nicer condition coins attract great minimum values. The gold coin value chart highlights the premiums paid for rare dates, mints and condition.

Values Listed for the Common Dates in Each Series

The prices are wholesale and listed in three different "Condition" categories. Additionally they represent the most common coins of each denomination and type. These are the minimums of what you would expect to receive should you sell.