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Liberty Head V-Nickel Values


Coin Values for Liberty V-Nickels are Listed Below

Coin values in this table are for Liberty Head V-Nickels that grade about the same as this one.
Coin values for Liberty Head V-Nickels can be found in the table below. All Liberty V-Nickels (also called Liberty Head Nickels) that have a readable date are worth at least fifteen times their face value (seventy-five cents) unless they are badly damaged or almost totally worn out.  Some Liberty V-Nickels, called key dates, are worth hundreds, even thousands of times their face value! Find out how much your Liberty V-Nickels are worth in this value table. Keep in mind that these are guidelines to help you determine if you have rare coins. To get today's current market prices, you should contact a coin dealer.
The prices in this table are approximately what a dealer will give you for average grade coins of the type typically found in old jars, shoe boxes, Whitman folders, dealer "unsorted lots," etc. (See image above for an example of "average grade.")   If your coins are still uncirculated, or have very little wear, the value could be 10  to 12  times as high or more.  The mint mark, if the coin has one, is right below the dot to the left of CENTS on the reverse, near the 7 o'clock position.