6 Nisan 2011 Çarşamba

Lost Gold Coins

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Buying an old gold coin minted 50 or more years ago is a good strategy today for the ethically minded investor and the coin collector. The metal in old gold coins is just as valuable as any gold mined today. For the coin collector there is the historical value of the coin as well as the monetary. For the investor, there is the satisfaction of reusing an old resource rather than buying new gold that has been mined out of the earth, causing more pollution and displacing communities
Part of the attraction of old coins is the possibility of finding lost gold coins from an ancient civilization or perhaps even buried treasure. Its surprising how ancient gold coins show up. In March of 2008, British construction workers unearthed two gold coins of the Roman emperor Carausius on a construction site in the Midlands. Archaeologists are investigating the find further. Gold coins from the era of Carausius are extremely rare, only 23 have been found. While you may not find anything as historically important, there are still plenty of coins out there with gold content worth looking for.