11 Nisan 2011 Pazartesi


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India coin set
This set of ten recent  coins of India includes 6 odd-shaped coins.   Included is the 11-sided 2002 2 Rupee features a map of India.  The 2001 1 Rupee is struck in stainless steel.  The 1999 50 Paisa features the Parliament building and a map of India.  A rhinoceros is featured on the 1994 25 paise. The aluminum 1988 20 Paisa coin is a siven sided coin. The 1988 10 paisa is also struck in stainless steel.  The square 5 Paisa is dated 1993.   The 1971 3 Paisa coin is a six sided coin. The 1976 2 Paisa has scallopped edges.  The 1972 1 Paisa is square.  Because of their low purchasing power and the high cost of production, the lower four denominations are no longer issued and are increasingly difficult to get.  The The reverse of the coins features three lions from the ancient Pillar of Asoka, a sandstone pillar from the third century BC.  It is an  interesting set that includes a variety of unusual shapes.