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Morgan Dollar Values


Coin Values for Morgan Dollars are Listed Below

Morgan Dollars are a little tougher to give average values for because many dates of Morgan Dollars never circulated in large numbers.  Instead, they were sold by the Treasury Department more or less directly to coin collectors.  Therefore, the Morgan Dollar values given in this price guide are given in two grades, "average circulated" and "basic uncirculated."  Typical examples for both grades are shown in the photos above.  If  your coin  falls somewhere between these two grades, you can still get a good idea of the Morgan Dollar's value by estimating its value between the two given grades.  Keep in mind that all of my coin price guides are actual values that coin dealers will pay you for your coins.  These are not the inflated retail values that appear in virtually every other online price guide. You won't be disappointed when you go to sell your Morgan Dollars if you use these prices as your guideline.