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The Titanic Photographs Collection

he Father Brown Photographic Collection contains the sole collection of Titanic photographs taken during the Titanic's passage from Southampton to Ireland.

Note that despite the letter being addressed to Father Browne, Frank was not a priest at the time.  He was due for ordination in 1915. The Irish mail service was a lot faster in 1912 than it is today.  The letter with its precious enclosure would have been delivered to the Bishop's Palace on the afternoon of the third of April and would certainly have made one of the three three deliveries next day.From 1911 to 1916, Frank Browne studied Theology at Milltown Park in Dublin. It was during this period that his Uncle Robert (the Bishop of Cloyne) sent him an unusual present: a ticket for the first legs of the maiden voyage of the Titanic, sailing from Southampton to Cherbourg and then on to Queenstown (Cobh), Co Cork, Ireland.
A view of the tender <I>Ireland</I> taken from the tender <I>America</I>.While on board, an American millionaire offered to pay his way for the rest of the voyage to New York. On being appraised of this suggestion, Frank's Jesuit Superior cabled Queenstown saying, succinctly,“GET OFF THAT SHIP---PROVINCIAL”.
The second of two photographs which Father Brown took of London's Daily Sketch, 18th April, 1912.After the tragedy, Frank Browne’s photographs appeared on the front pages of newspapers around the world. He had taken the last picture of Captain Smith and the only one ever taken in the Marconi room. His series starts at Waterloo Station with the “Titanic Special” and documents the activities of passengers and crew aboard this unique ship, concluding with the anchor being raised from the water for the last time