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Lincoln Memorial Cent Values - Coin Values Table for Lincoln Pennies

Coin Values for Lincoln Memorial Pennies are Listed Below

Coin values for Lincoln Memorial Pennies in the table below are for Cents that are in about the same grade as this penny.
Coin values for the Lincoln Memorial Penny are in the table below. Lincoln Memorial pennies have been issued since 1959, and unless they are in Extremely Fine condition or higher, they're generally not worth much. The photo above shows a Lincoln Cent in the grade that the prices in this table are for.  The penny still has sharp detail and some of its reddish color, although it has turned mostly brown.  If your coin is more worn, or in Red/Uncirculated condition, it will be worth less or more, depending on color and condition. Keep in mind that these are guidelines intended to help you determine if you have rare coins. To get today's current market prices, you should contact a coin dealer.