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State Quarter Values


Coin Values for State Quarters are Listed Below

State Quarter Values - Prices
State Quarters began being issued in 1999.  Mintages (the numbers made by the U.S. Mint)  are in the hundreds of millions of coins for all states, so there are no rare dates or mint marks.  There are, however, some State Quarter error and variety types that are rare and worth extra money, sometimes hundreds, even thousands of times their face value!  Because of their recent issuance and high mintages, Statehood Quarters generally must be in Mint State (MS) to be worth anything over face value.  Many people collect State Quarters by the Original Bank-Wrapped (OBW) rolls; I have a separate table for State Quarter roll values.  The prices in this coin values table are for single coins struck for circulation, which are not in plastic holders.  Keep in mind that these are general guidelines. If you are interested in selling your Statehood Quarters, you should contact a coin dealer.